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Every writer dreams of creating memorable characters within a new play. Unique, powerful, interesting characters, so individually powerful that they will live on in people's minds long after the curtain falls..

I wanted to create three such complex and challenging characters in my new play
'The Puppet Man'. Place them in an unlikely, awkward situation, then gently evoke the best and worst in each of these characters to their extreme potential. To take the audience on a truly chilling, thought provoking journey into the deeply disturbed and physically tormented minds of these three tortured souls.
With a torrent of manic mind games, intrigue, menace and deception, woven into every single moment of their time together.


I wanted to explore the deviant. The totally bizarre. To delicately mix the comedy with the tragic, so finely tuned as almost fearing to tell one emotion from the next, as their conflicts twist and turn in the change of a breath...

I wanted the experience of seeing my new play to linger in the audiences minds for a long, long time and for them to well remember the night they willingly entered the dark, sinister world of
'The Puppet Man'...

I do hope I have achieved this with Efian, Danny & Erika, the three characters in my new play... You be the Judge!!...

.... Russell Raintree



CLICK below to watch the trailer of the first LIVE stage performance of 'THE PUPPET MAN'

                                                                     from 2008
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'THE PUPPET MAN' by Russell Raintree