by Russell Raintree
             by  Russell Raintree


In 'THE PUPPET MAN' Russell Raintree provides us with a diverse and chilling psychological thriller. This, his latest and most powerful play, takes the audience on a totally compelling, eventful and challenging journey... 'Into a world where fear stalks every path. Where shadows linger on darkened walls - Hope fades into despair - Gloom into doom - laughter into sorrow. A world of pain - of anguish - of suffering. Where attraction repels sin and Joy filters into desperation. A world where tomorrow is not just another day, but a lifetime!' .. A journey not to be missed !!


Efian is a devious and manipulative Lawyer with an extremely wealthy wife. Danny, an Al Jolson impersonator is an insecure, convicted murderer on the run. Erika, a Vicar's daughter, is an ex-stripper and recovering alcoholic who now works as a secretary. So what, you might ask yourself, are they all doing under the same roof at the same time?

All will be revealed in this tense, highly explosive thriller ...

.. 'compelling and utterly bizarre. Your writing is certainly powerful!' .... Sir Michael Codron CBE . Aldwych Theatre. London

..'fluently written piece with many memorable mataphors, high risk drama moments and skin crawling advocations'..Bristol Old Vic

.. 'distinctive characters, solid economic dialogue and moments of genuine and bizarre theatricality. Hope to see this in a major professional production in the near future'.... Samuel French Ltd. Paul Taylor-Performing Rights Director



CLICK below to watch the trailer of the first LIVE stage performance of 'THE PUPPET MAN' (2008)


                                                              First Production of 'THE PUPPET MAN'

                                                                                     at THE CARRIAGEWORKS LEEDS

                                                                                               26th - Nov 29th 2008





Below (From Lft to Rt) Actors Lee Russell (DANNY), Jessica Louise Warren (ERIKA), Mason Tyree (EFIAN) in a scene from the first Production of 'THE PUPPET MAN' at The Carriageworks Leeds in 2008..






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'THE PUPPET MAN' by Russell Raintree